For KVR Audio Developer Challenge 2014, NM Labs proudly present ALPHABEAT, a simple, lite, and customized sampled sequencer engine, both for Live or studio Performances. Its lite, and easy to use, built with MAX/MSP technology. Just try it.


16 step sequencer with built in sample ready to use, and customizable with your own sample, WAVE/AIFF/Mp3 file types. Built-in Frequency filter, Reverb, Delay and Compressors with DSP Scripting from Software Designer and MAX/MSP contributor. The Rewire should be OK, but there's been an issue with severals DAW's. Although the standalone mode would give you satisfaction. This is Lite, and build specially for KVR Audio Challenge 2014.

Download Free Alphabeat (OSX)

To see what we're doing, simply download the Free Alphabeat KVRDC2014 ver. (OSX version) by registering your email at contact section with email icon below for updates and news, or just download it here.

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